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In our class EDCI 270, we use this tool to create weisetbs to practice internet communication. This website builder enables anyone to create internet pages in a very simple manner. With this tool, teachers have the ability to create weisetbs that have homework, videos, projects, and recommended weisetbs for students to go to for help. Using this website creator has taught me how to manage a website along with upload documents for people to read. One of the very first workouts (assignments) that we had to do was create a lesson plan for a day in class. The lesson plan that I attached to my wordpress gives parents the ability to see what their kids are learning in class. This is a great tool for teachers to embrace and make their own. I would rate this website 7.5/10 just because some of the pages are very bland and have things that are not needed. This website creating tool also does not give the operator a broad selection of website layouts. Most of the layouts are expensive. Other than that, this website creation tool does a great job.